Product Description

First off, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! What an exciting and lifelong memorable event you’re planning. These bracelets celebrate the relationship you have with your Mom and soon-to-be Mother-in-Law. This listing is for one bracelet. You’ll want to purchase the quantities you’re needing (1, 2 ,3 etc) SO, WHAT DOES THIS LISTING INCLUDE? A) 1 – BANGLE SIZES: These bracelets do allow for some adjustment while putting your hand through. Please remember that when deciding on bracelet size our wrist are smaller than our hands. – 55mm Stainless Steel Bangle with double loop-making it sturdy and classy. Measuring in diameter is about 7 1/2″. – 65mm Stainless Steel Bangle with double loop-making it sturdy and classy. A 65mm is the typical female size bracelet and measures 8″ in diameter. B) 1- Starfish Charm C) 1- The Mother’s Swarovski Birthstone D) 1- Heart Title Tag- You’ll notice in the example pictures I have either Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom, or Special Grandma E) 1- Small Solid Disc with your Mother’s first initial. F) 1- Tree of Life charm: I choose the Tree of Life charm for the mother’s bracelets because of the symbolic message of the symbol. My favorite interpretation is from this website: http://www.old-earth.com/meaning-tree-of-life.html **Each bracelet comes in a Gift Box with a Polishing Pad ready to be presented to your Mother, Mother-in-Law, or Special Grandma. SO, WHAT’S NEXT? Easy! Copy/Paste the below format and just fill it in the ‘Notes to Seller’ Section when checking out. You’ll want to copy/paste for EACH bracelet you’re needing. Example: if you need 2 Mother’s and 1 Mother-in-Law you’ll want to copy/paste this format 3 times and fill it in per parent. COPY/PASTE FORMAT: A) Bangle Size (65mm is most common and typical female size): B) Charm: Starfish (this charm is standard on every bracelet): C) Birthstone: D) Mother of the Bride or Mother of the Groom E) Initial: F) Tree of Life Charm Matching Beach Bridesmaids Bangles: https://www.etsy.com/listing/280094642/bridesmaids-beach-theme-wedding-jewelry