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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. These mother and mother-in-law bangle bracelets make the perfect wedding gift. They are made from high-quality stainless steel never to tarnish or rust. This listing is for one bracelet. You’ll want to purchase the quantities you’re needing (1, 2 ,3 etc) SO, WHAT DOES THIS LISTING INCLUDE? A) 1 – BANGLE SIZES: These bracelets do allow for some adjustment while putting your hand through. Please remember that when deciding on bracelet size our wrist are smaller than our hands. 55mm Stainless Steel Bangle with double loop-making it sturdy and classy. Measuring in diameter is about 7 1/2″. 65mm Stainless Steel Bangle with double loop-making it sturdy and classy. A 65mm is the typical female size bracelet and measures 8″ in diameter. B) 1- Heart Title Tag- You’ll notice in the example pictures I have either Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom, or Special Grandma C) 1- The Mother’s Swarovski Birthstone D) 1- Small Solid Disc with your Mother’s first initial. E) 1- Tree of Life charm: I choose the Tree of Life charm for the mothers bracelets because of the symbolic message of the symbol. My favorite interpretation is from this website: **Each bracelet comes in a Gift Box with a Polishing Pad ready to be presented to your Mother, Mother-in-Law, or Special Grandma. SO, WHAT’S NEXT? Easy! Copy/Paste the below format and just fill it in the ‘Notes to Seller’ Section when checking out. You’ll want to copy/paste for EACH bracelet you’re needing. Example: if you need 2 Mother’s and 1 Mother-in-Law you’ll want to copy/paste this format 3 times and fill it in per parent. COPY/PASTE FORMAT: A) Bangle Size (65mm is most common and typical female size): B) Mother of the Bride or Mother of the Groom: C) Birthstone: D) Initial: E) Tree of Life Charm TO VIEW OTHER WEDDING DESIGNS:┬žion_id=18914298 Best Wishes, Linsey S, Owner We have Social Media sites where we will post pictures of your item once completed. If you would like to see a picture of your design you can follow us: Facebook: IG: Twitter: Pinterest: StampsofLove